The main purpose of this website is to keep a record of my work on the garden for the use of future residents. The work I’ve done has always been with a view to longevity, so I want to make sure the things I’ve built and planted can continue to serve the residents when I don’t live here any more. It might be that the garden becomes dormant for a while; if so, I hope I’ve done enough to ensure that the weeds don’t make a vigorous comeback. It might be that a more experienced gardener moves in and totally changes everything – so much the better! I want this beautiful space to reach its full potential.

The early days

What I hope is that people will find the modifications I’ve made useful, and can adapt the structures – paths, beds, and the herb spiral – to suit their needs. I’ll keep records of what gets planted where and when so that crops can be rotated as needed. I’ll note which areas have built-in drainage and improved soil. As this is the first year planting vegetables here, I’ll keep track of any idiosyncrasies of the space – I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes – I just hope they’re instructive!

Expect detailed notes as the 2021 season progresses!